What is a premium user
Under Settings on your profile, tap 'Upgrade two premuim'. Here you can choose more premium solutions.

How do I become a Premium User?
Inde under indstillinger på din profil kan du trykke på ‘Upgrade to premuim’. Her er det muligt at vælge flere premiumløsninger.

What is an expert
An expert is chosen by the administration when he / she has an approved success rate and other criteria are met. An expert will be paid by the administration with accompanying requirements, such as publishing tips and analyzes, Tip of the day and Live sessions.

Can I become an expert
Yes! In fact, everyone over the age of 18 can become experts and receive "pay" for his expert work. There is great competition to become an expert as new experts will be evaluated each month based on who has the highest success rate and meets other specifications that must be approved and agreed with the administration.

I had a high success rate last month but did not become an expert
The Administration will decide on the best success rates who are suitable as experts. If admin has not contacted you, it may be due to your age, too few information on your profile or anything else.

Does it cost monet to make tips
No, it does not cost money to make tips. It's up to you if you want to play your tip with a bookmaker without 'Name', but we are based solely on your success rate and your fictional salary.

How many tips can I make?
It is possible to make up to 20 different tips each day. This is independent of whether you play coupons as singles or combination games.

My fight has been canceled
If your match is canceled due to bad weather, turmoil in the stadium or anything else, your tip will be changed to odds 1 and your bet will be considered invalid. You will not win or lose your tip. If a match is postponed but played in the same week (last Sunday), the bet is considered valid. If the match is postponed from a weekend day to Monday due to television coverage, the bet will also last.


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