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We offer many different features

Create sport betting tips

Create and share sport betting tips with you followers. If you do a nice job, you will get the chance to enter our expert panel and earn some extra cash.

Follow experts to maximize your profit

Experts have in a longer period of time shown their amazing tipping skill. You can easily boozt your profit by follow the tips of the experts.

Follow friends and other users to be inspired

Follow your friends and other users to know what bets they make. You can follow as many as you want and their betting tips will easily appear in your news feed.

Make your way to the top on the ranking list

Tipya is very transparent showing each account’s profit and hit rate. You can easily follow the best accounts and make your way to #1

A social betting platform

Tipya is a social betting platform where you and your friends can share betting tips from different sports. Every user got their own unique account which gives access to make tips on all kinds of leagues and sport events worldwide.

  • Cooperate to find te good odds
  • Passion for winning
  • Improve your bets
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Cooperation and knowledge is the key

The Tipya sports app is taking it a step further from the classic ’placing a sports bet at a bookie’. What we do is focusing on sharing everyones knowledge, be excited together during a match and beat the bookies. Tipya can be used to challenge your friends to see who got the best betting skills, but Tipya’s main focus is to will establish the connection between the ambtious and professional betting experts to anyone who has a passion for betting and winning. Following the experts and skilled players will give you a simple overview of what bets that is worth playing.

The Ranking list will update automatically given you an unique and transparent overall picture of who is making the most exact betting tips. We wish you welcome to ’Tipya’ - A whole new social betting platform experience.

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